About Me


Mother of 3, wife to one handsome italian, and woman trying to figure out la bella vita.

The Kids:

Liam Scott is 9 years old and in the third grade. My sweet little boy is my adventurer, thinker and soft spoken one. He has the humor of a 30 year old man, namely his father. His biggest passion and talent is drawing. This kid can draw anything, color anything and his penmanship is probably better than yours. He loves soccer and my husband is currently coaching his team.

Henley Nicole is my FULL OF LIFE bebe. My 6 year old has the emotion of a 17 year old, mouth of a 25 year old and soul of a 1990 pop star. She is and always will be a wonder to me.  The girliest of girls with tutu’s, pink /purple and party dresses. Yet she is a complete rockstar on the soccer field.  Henley knows how to get the attention she wants and hold it. People are drawn to her everywhere she goes.

And new to the bunch, Luca Alan. My baby. This little boy has captivated my heart and laughter. The Jolliest little guy you will ever meet. Who cares if he still doesn’t sleep at 18 months..he is such a blast to be around I don’t even notice the sleep deprivation anymore!

I once was Alison the typical american teenager. And then I was, Alison the teen mom. Then I was Alison the single mother of 2. And for the past 6 years I have been Alison the hopelessly in love mom, turned wife again, turned free again woman. I am trying to document my life up to thus point. This pivotal, change in direction I am making in the next couple week will define the rest of my own life and my family’s.  I have worked my entire life. Waitressing, Catering odd jobs and nursing. June 13th marks this fork in the road where this working mother becomes stay at home mommy.

I want more than anything to show my children how to love life, respect themselves, go on adventures, and love another. My husband and I find solace in imagining  our children raised right.  Right, in the sense that we take the time to teach them the things most children lack these days. Respect, truth, love and patience. We hope by our example they can learn all of these things with their own flare.

So to begin. I want to show the in’s and out’s my days at home. I want to learn to cook for my family- and prove to my husband I CAN DO IT!! Recipes and pictures will be shared. I want to document my love for thrifting, junking and flea marketing. We bought a giant house that needs treasures and fun finds to fill it with. There will be lots of adventures documented on here, hopefully things I can do or find that can help other moms out. I feel like there are so many of “us” out there that need to know about the things you fill your life with..some just need that push or picture to trigger their own ideas.

So,  raising my wine glass to myself, my supportive husband and to all others riding this journey with us:  Andiamo!



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