About Me


Mother of 4, wife to one handsome italian, and woman trying to figure out la bella vita.

The Kids:

Liam Scott is a typical 12 year old boy. Fort Nite. Ipod, girls, basketball, soccer and tuning out his siblings as best he can 🙂

Henley Nicole. My 9 year old that thinks she’s 20 and living in New York. Or wishes. Fullllll of life this one. Energetic, enthusiastic and so much fun. Life of the party for sure!

Luca Alan, my sweet little 4 year old. Currently in Pre-K and has never looked back. He adores school, learning and is kind of brilliant.

Last but absolutely not least- Emilia Elizabeth. Our sweet, almost 18 month old. She is what holds this giant family together. All the kids might argue and fight but they are all bonded and tied with this sweet little red head. We all adore her.

I once was Alison the typical american teenager. And then I was, Alison the teen mom. Then I was Alison the single mother of 2. And for the past 9 years I have been Alison the hopelessly in love mom, turned wife again, turned free again woman. Trying to learn the balance of life, motherhood, marriage and not lose myself!

I want more than anything to show my children how to love life, respect themselves, go on adventures, and love another. My husband and I find solace in imagining  our children raised right.  Right, in the sense that we take the time to teach them the things most children lack these days. Respect, truth, love and patience. We hope by our example they can learn all of these things with their own flare.

So to begin. I want to show the in’s and out’s my days at home. I want to learn to cook for my family- and prove to my husband I CAN DO IT!! Recipes and pictures will be shared. I want to document my love for thrifting, junking and flea marketing. We bought a giant house that needs treasures and fun finds to fill it with. There will be lots of adventures documented on here, hopefully things I can do or find that can help other moms out. I feel like there are so many of “us” out there that need to know about the things you fill your life with..some just need that push or picture to trigger their own ideas.

So,  raising my wine glass to myself, my supportive husband and to all others riding this journey with us:  Andiamo!




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