our sweet Emilia.

Hi. My name is Alison and I have FOUR kids now ๐Ÿ™‚

I hadn’t logged on to WordPress since my last post 2 years ago almost. Time has flown and we have been blessed with yet another amazing child. Our fourth, and final babe was born in June of 2017.


Emilia Elizabeth. A perfect 8.3 pounds. She came on her due date and came out with a wink and smile, showing off her adorable dimple. A red head I might add. Four kids and the only ginger. I sat there counting fingers and toes the night she was born. Like every other one of my babies. Thanking God for their perfect little bodies and health. I wondered like most mothers how I could get so lucky. What I would do If something were wrong. Surely I wouldn’t be able to handle it. Surely I was given healthy children because I wasn’t capable of the emotional side effects of a non healthy child. I will forever praise my in-laws for their parenting, personal, marital coping skills while going through my husbands Cancer when he was 10. I still will never be able to understand the level of anxiety, fear, love that they dealt with on a daily basis. The mind block and ,mind SET you have to have. Compartmentalizing your life just to get through a day. All of this brings me to today. What compelled me to write a blog post after nearly 2 years?

My husband and I used to joke around when I was pregnant and say how calm, easy and “go-with-the-flow” she would be. She was a fourth child, there for she would have to be easy. We thought. We imagined her personality being sweet, calm, quiet, friendly, everyone’s friend. When we picked her name, we even found a website that listed those same qualities. We knew it would fit. She would be the light in the room. Make everyone happy and be a lover. When she was born she fit right into our expectations. I wasn’t expecting her fiery red hair..that was new ๐Ÿ™‚ Having my last baby never sleep, ever, I was delighted to have her start sleeping 5-6 hours the night we brought her home. She really was our perfect little baby. That was until week 2. Colic set in. Or so we thought. Whatever Colic may be, Doctors don’t really even know. She was screaming, SCREAMING bloody murder far more than the text book 3 hours, 3 days a week for 3 weeks. It was an all day event. We literally couldn’t leave our house. She would scream in the car, she would scream wherever we were. No consoling. I had 3 other kids on summer break and we couldn’t leave our home. The first 3 months of her life were absolutely exhausting. I couldn’t find the good in anything. I was exhausted, bitter, angry, short tempered and not myself. It was hard to see who she was or who she was becoming because it was masked by crying and neediness. This breaks my heart. Knowing what I know now, looking back. My sweet baby had no other way of communicating what was wrong or how she was feeling. My oldest, who is now 11, had a milk protein allergy as a baby. He couldn’t handle my breast milk and by age 6 months I switched him to Neutramagin and he was 100% improved. Colic gone, pooping normal. Happy baby. At age 1 year he was successfully on whole milk. Emilia was sensitive to everything. Everything made her gassy, she started only pooping once every 7-10 days. I took her to 3 pediatricians. I ended up educating 2 of them on things I had tried that even they didn’t know of. I felt hopeless and frustrated. I was offered no help. If another doctor told me “Oh, they are babies and they cry. Colic sure isn’t fun” I was going to punch them. My baby was in pain and I couldn’t help her. Our parents wouldn’t watch her because they were scared of her. She refused a bottle and screamed. WHO would want to?

Slowly as 3 months approached we began to notice some improvements in her crying. It wasn’t ALL day. She was still extremely needy, but not as colicky. I tried cutting out some known items from my diet for breastfeeding but honestly couldn’t tell a difference. I decided I was DONE breastfeeding since I had basically been doing it for 3.5 years now and tried formula. NOPE.ย  She wouldn’t even get a drop in her mouth. 6 bottles, 3 different formulas. NOPE. So that was out. She was gaining weight normally and starting to get happier. We got a referral to a GI specialist and was put on an appointment list for 6 months from then.

And then it became time to try out solids. She was 5.5 months. It was my moms birthday dinner at home and we were so excited to try out Organic baby oatmeal. Not sure why I tried that instead of Rice cereal..but it looked good. Instead of thawing out some of my breast milk I thought it would be easier to useย  some Neutramagin formula to mix with it since it was in the cupboard. Hopefully fill her little tummy up some more. (Note- she had stopped sleeping good at 3 months. She now sleeps in hour increments cue eye roll.) We all sat down, put her in her high chair and she ate like a champ! She loved it. Thank goodness. I was so happy she was actually showing interest in food. She hadn’t up until then. She ate quite a large portion of the oatmeal mixture I made. After dinner we did bath time like usual, pj’s, nursed and then off to bed. At this point she was sleeping about 3 hours initially and then up every hour or so the rest of the night. Usually screaming from stomach pain, gas and farting. I usually have to massage her belly in the middle of the night. After she had been asleep exactly ONE hour after I put her down I saw her squirming and crying. I was so frustrated. I went in and put the bink back in and walked out. She continued to stir and cry. It had been EXACTLY 2 hours since she ate. my husband and I laid down to go to bed when I heard her choke. I got up immediately (she is still in our room) and started panicking. She was vomiting HEAVILY. I flipped her over and patted her back as she threw up all the oatmeal. Covered the entire crib. It didn’t stop. She kept heaving. Her eyes would bug out and she was struggling to heave and throw up. It was not baby spit up, it was not projectile vomiting. It was full on adult style vomiting. I panicked and switched the light on and ran to the bathroom. My mom was in the living room sleeping and we all huddled around her in the bathroom. She was exhausted and scared. She had no fever, I knew it wasn’t the flu. She hadn’t been exposed. No one else was sick. I thought of the oatmeal. I knew it had to be something with that. She continued to vomit every 10 minutes for 4 hours. All that was left was Bile. We almost went to the ER. She became cold, lethargic and almost non responsive. Being my fourth kid I didn’t want to run to the ER for no reason or be “that” mom. I should have. She slept that night on my chest as I was TERRIFIED. In my life I had never heard of nor seen a baby throw up that way. I was on my phone all night googling.

6 month old. Oatmeal. Vomiting. Surely something or someone has blogged about this. And I was right. Here began our F.P.I.E.S journey.

I had never heard of this before. I began reading a blog post that sounded exactly like the one you are reading. I thought “OMG this is my child” I read the bit about the first FPIES reaction. It was what happened to Emilia. I knew it. Everything I read further and further seemed so spot on.

FPIES (pronounced: F-pies) is a severe delayed food allergy reaction in the gastrointestinal system (the gut), it is understood to be a T-cell mediated (Non-IgE immune) response in which food is considered a toxin to the body.

Shock. What I didn’t know what was happening to my tiny baby at that time, was that she was going into shock. Her body thinks any and all food/milk protein is a toxin and rejects it. She vomits until she goes into shock with lethargy, low blood pressure and body temperature and unresponsiveness

I called her pediatrician the next morning and left a message stating what had happened. She wanted to get an upper GI. She immediately was thinking a block in her upper GI. Again, don’t ask me how, I knew this wasn’t the case. I couldn’t explain the type of traumatic vomiting that she had done to anyone. They assumed threw up once and done. I researched pediatric GI clinic in our area to try and get in sooner. I got in to a ARNP at a local PGI. I went in, explained “my story” he listened. I brought up FPIES. He had never heard of it before. He googled it and said he was 90% sure she didn’t have that. I trusted what he thought and said and let it go. He ordered a Celiac panel and food allergy testing. I sat there and restrained my 6 month old while they poked around to find a tiny vein. They weren’t able to get “enough” out for the food allergy tests so I would have to go back. A week went by and they wouldn’t give me results of the Celiac on the phone. As nice as the ARNP was, I didn’t feel he was knowledgeable enough to treat my baby. I scheduled with the Doctor. He had 20 plus years at Marybridge Hospital as a Pediatric GI Dr. I explained “my story” again. Though, this time I did not tell him that I thought it was FPIES. He kept smiling at me as I spoke. I stopped and apologized for having an hour long story of my child’s life. I was desperate for someone to understand. For someone to tell me what was wrong with my child.ย  He could tell. He said ” I know exactly what is wrong with your daughter.” He said is so matter of fact. I said “YOU DO?”

“Your daughter has FPIES.” I started cry laughing and said how I had come to that conclusion myself. I was crying because I was so incredibly happy to have a diagnosis. I was soooooo happy to hear someone knew what was wrong. Because that’s the first step. I had to immediately stop all foods for her. Nothing. Not a single thing other than my own breast milk. I had to eliminate all top 8 allergies form my own diet. No Dairy, no eggs, nuts, soy. Literally nothing. I went home and researched the CRAP out of it. I started crying again. It wasn’t good. Not a good thing at all. There are support groups for this specific syndrome. My anxiety grew by the second until I put down my phone and just stopped.

Another annoying fact about my husband and I. We used to joke around about kids with food allergies. We had never experienced it in our lives before. We would get frustrated when a note was sent home for one of the kids classes that they couldn’t have nuts in their class. We thought it was a lifestyle choice their parents were choosing for them, not a life or death situation. It was an inconvenience in our lives. I am so sorry mommas. I apologize for my naivety. My own daughter cannot eat. Like, she can’t have anything or she might go into shock. We have to start food trials in a couple weeks with her allergist. I fear I might need Xanax to get through them. We trial one specific food for 9 days. If she passes it is considered a “safe” food. She will/can have a vomit to shock reaction from any of the foods in which we will have to go straight to the ER. The fear of Failure to Thrive is very near to us now as she can’t have anything other than breast milk. She cannot have formula either. She can have a special kind called Neocate and that’s running $50 a can. If she will take it.

Now that I have eliminated everything from my diet, literally, she is HAPPY. No more massaging her tummy in the middle of the night. No more gas. She still doesn’t sleep, still doesn’t poop normal but her personality is what we projected on her those 6 months ago. She is hilarious, smart, so funny and so feisty. There are still days she breaks out into a full body rash. I go crazy trying to figure out what I ate that gave her a reaction. I will never know. But we know what’s going on, we know the steps to take to start this long, exhausting, scary journey.


I have only told close family and friends about our discovery. I didn’t want to be “that” mom that was over sharing about their child’s food allergies. I finally got over myself and realized that by writing this..I could help another mom googling at 2 am trying to figure out what is wrong with their child. I could post this on my personal facebook and MAYBE a friend has experience with this and could help. I am spreading the word about FPIES because it’s terrifying and not well known. In the meantime Emilia is currently lighting up every room, making people laugh, smiling from ear to ear. She truly has brought SO MUCH INCREDIBLE joy to my family. She is the little being we didn’t know we needed and I am so so happy she is ours.


If you made it to the end of this blog thank you. From the bottom of my “momma” heart thank you.




Going Back to Work-A SAHM story.

It’s been an emotional few months to say the least. After taking a full time job opportunity in the medical field and leaving my comfortable “stay-at-home-mom” gig, I feel like my emotions have been all over the board. Being able to stay home with your children is such a privilege, and obviously, not everyone is able to for one reason or another. And that’s totally fine! I got to have a little over 3 years with my babes and it was MAGICAL.

MAGICAL: -exciting, hard, discouraging, encouraging, exhausting, relaxing, empowered, chaotic

Anyways, it’s been fun. But the opportunity arose for my husband to pursue his passion and nitch. He enrolled in Grad school and is getting his aster’s degree in teaching. He plans to teach high school History.ย  I could say I am proud of him, which is true, but I am really envious of his ability to change careers and go for what he really wants. That takes courage and strength in a whole different way. In order to support him and make the next year and a half go by much easier, I took this new career opportunity so he could be home with our kids, and get his school work done at times other than 12 and 1 am.

The first few days were awesome. It was like all the things I did complain about, about being a stay at home mom were fixed. I got to drive alone in the car???? This had bee a foreign concept to me for many years. I actually got to listen to what music was being played on the radio- which that excitement lasted 2 hours in traffic when I realized it’s crap and very repetitive. I got to go talk to other adults all day. This was so exciting as I pride myself on being a very social person ๐Ÿ™‚ I got that little “break” every day away from the house, away from the dishes and cleaning and screaming. And then, real life sunk in about 1 month into working. I realized I was never going to get to be home again with my youngest at the age he is right now. It hurt so much! I knew he was well taken care of and getting some awesome bonding in with his dad, but me! What about me?! We had been inseparable for almost 2 years now. I remember driving home about the 3rd week of work and just bawled. Turned on whatever sad song was playing- not Justin Bieber- and bawled. I think I cried the entire drive home which is an unpleasant 50 minutes. I thought about all the milestones I was missing, the laughs, the nap time rocking, the owies he was going to get without me being there to make it all better.

Once I got a hold of myself, pulled it together, approximately 1 second away from our driveway, I felt better. I needed to grieve my former job, former self, former life. I only cried like that once. Sure I’ve gotten teary eyed a few times here and there thinking about things or hearing things I’m missing, but I needed that 50 minutes to myself to wallow. And I think that’s OK. There is no book for the emotions and trials you will deal with when you go back to work. Well there is probably LITERALLY 100 I’m sure but…not my point.

Basically things have changed and we have all adjusted. Was my husband as scared as I was to make this transition? Absolutely. Is he still figuring things out every day like I am? Yup. The pressure we all have to do our best at every “job” in life or title is so exhausting. We feel the need to be the best student, the best mom, the best wife, the best employee. We are all just figuring shit out and doing the best we can! Well most of us ๐Ÿ™‚ My husband, has completely won at stay at home chef, and maybe needs some improvement in stay at home house cleaner ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

I have re-learned the expression TGIF. I have now cleverly changed it to TGIFF. You can probably guess what that means. My weekends are SACRED. They are golden. I now appreciate Saturdays and despise Sundays just like the rest of working America ๐Ÿ™‚ My husband has now forgotten what day of the week it is. I have to now brace myself in the garage before I walk in the door. I am flooded with “MOM, mom, MOmmy, MAMMMM, MUM” before I can get my purse or shoes off. “Listen to this song I learned, listen to me read this new book, watch my new trick, look at my owie I got today, he hurt me, sign this now please, help me with my homework, why can’t we go to the park? why don’t we ever do anything fun, you never are home, can I go play? Look at this giant mess I just made!” …..etc etc etc. Then when all I want to do is go change out of scrubs and into my sweats, my little one wants to be glued to my hip. I have to stop and appreciate this because I actually have MISSED him all day. It’s such a battle in my head between what I want to do and what I feel like I need to do. UGH. Soccer games, school functions prettyย  much take up my non working time, and then I get left with the guilt of not having time to myself- me, Alison. I am hoping time will heal all…LOL or at least help me get my sh*t organized!

I love what I’m doing, and I love helping patients heal. I love my new co-workers and I love the providers I get to work with daily. I keep getting asked “Do you like working better? Do you think it’s easier than staying home?” The answer to both of those is yes and no. Yes I enjoy working, helping people, interacting with adults and meeting new people. No, I miss my kids, I miss being able to have my own schedule, I miss having more patience with all of them. Yes, I think in some respects it is easier to work than stay home and a big NO at times it is much easier to be a stay at home parent than work. The debate is dumb and shouldn’t even exist. Every day is different and everyONE is different. I will say, my husband has an entire new respect for me and what I did now. He expresses it daily ๐Ÿ™‚

So that’s what’s been going on around here lately. I apologize to any friends, parents, people I have ignored or forgotten to call back over the past few months. I have been a complete scatter brain trying to figure this all out and learn TIME MANAGEMENT all over again!!!

**Thank you all who have supported us/me as a family and individually in making this transition for both Brent and I, and the kids as easy as it could be!!**







Pillow Talk

Hi, hello! It’s been 2 months since I’ve last posted! I have been busy blogging over at SugarBabies about awesome kid stuff, and most recently- I started a new job! I recently started working at Virginia Mason and so far I am loving it!
Today I wanted to talk Toddler Pillows. Most of you probably didn’t even know that was a thing. It is. It’s a very good thing. I started realizing Luca, my almost 2 year old { enter sad sad sad face } whom we still bed share with, was not only stealing my entire side of the bed, but stealing my pillow all night. He hadn’t done this before. He now sleeps like a normal human, with a pillow and all. Which again, is super sad. I don’t know why but it just is! So I realized that he actually may need his own pillow. So many questions came up:

    Are toddler pillows even a thing? Are they safe?Do they fit in cribs?

Yes, yes and yes.

I always head over to Instagram these days to find any kid/baby related product I am interested in. They usually have a page, or I can usually check a hashtag and find loads of info on products this way. Sure enough #toddlerpillow brought me to ClevaMama.

When I first began researching toddler pillows, I discovered a whole new world of these tiny little pillows I had no idea existed. They do indeed make pillows JUST for our little toddlers. And yes, they fit in cribs! Even though I do have two older kids, I had never used a pillow for them until they were in their own twin bed. It didn’t even occur to me. I guess, my main reason was safety. How could a pillow, which in some cases is used for smothering, be safe for MY BABY?! There were about 5 top leading brands and pillow types in this toddler pillow category. The ClevaMama pillow definitely stood out among the rest.

There were, like I said, around 5 other brands of top rated toddler pillows. One seemed all too “fluffy” for a crib. It didn’t seem at all safe to me. One pillow seemed extremely tiny for even a kid. It almost looked like a doll sized pillow. And then just like Goldilocks finding the perfect fit, I found ours.

Behind the Pillow:

The ClevaMama brand is a Dublin, Ireland based company founded by two moms, who are also sisters. Their moto is “Designed by mums, for mums.” Seemed perfect. The pillow is made of a type of foam that is scientifically designed to reduce the pressure on the back of your baby’s head by 50%. Manufactured using fabrics and foams that are hypo-allergenic, PH balanced and toxin free makes the pillow suitable for use with toddlers who suffer from asthma and allergies. The AirFlow fabric draws away moisture and increases airflow which makes it safe to breathe. These were all HUGE factors in choosing this pillow. Luca’s head and spine would be in perfect alignment while using the pillow, and I didn’t have to worry about suffocation. I read a few awesome reviews and decided this was the right pillow for us.

Our Experience:

ClevaMama was so generous to send Luca a pillow to try out with their adorable boy themed replacement pillow covers. I was SO excited to try the pillow out that night! I think he was excited too as he tried to pry open the box before I could grab a pair of scissors!

ClevaMama Toddler Pillow Review


I laid it at the top of his crib, which fit perfectly in to place. He struggles all night with thrashing around the crib from one end to the other and I was hoping this might help that with having a specific spot for his head to go. We used it first at nap time that day. After laying him down with is head on the pillow and walking out I quickly ran to my monitor to see what he would do. He laid on it for a while, and then sure enough fell asleep just below the pillow. I was just happy he didn’t try to use it as a toy to distract him from sleeping. That same night, I laid him down and was watching him on the monitor. He seemed to be keeping his head on the pillow….and then he fell asleep in the correct position. I was SO PLEASED!


We have been using the ClevaMama Foam Toddler pillow for about 2 weeks now and he LOVES IT! Though he still ends up in our bed, using MY pillow half the night…the first half he stays on his own pillow sleeping soundly.

The cool part for me as a mom, is knowing he is getting healthy spine alignment and his breathing is not affected. It almost feels like a mini Tempurpedic toddler pillow. Spoiled little thing ๐Ÿ™‚

Overall Luca and I would give this pillow 5 stars and I would highly recommend to any momma out there!

The ClevaMama company not only has toddler pillows but so many more awesome baby products I would highly suggest looking into! I have linked the pillow URL below if you wanted to check it out!

ClevaMama Foam Toddler Pillow

**This products was given to us at no cost for reviewing purposes. All thoughts and opinions about this product and company are my own.




How To: Restrict Your Child’s iPod Touch/iPhone

The big debate happened this year on my son’s 9th birthday. Though I am against giving a child a cell phone until they can drive, I didn’t know what my stance was on the iPod Touch. This of course was all he could talk about and all he wanted for his birthday. My husband and I went back and forth whether we were ready for him to have this kind of responsibility.ย  I knew he would have access to the internet, YouTube, texting, games, videos, songs…all of which I couldn’t possibly monitor. Wrong. I managed to figure out how to completely crack down on the apple product and make it work for me, the parent.

Now, we did have a discussion about what was going to be allowed with this new investment prior to purchasing. We let him use his birthday money to buy it…but we pre-warned him about all the things he was not going to be able to do. We had decided

  • NO YouTube. There is FAR too much on there for a 9 year old to see. Even if it’s on accident.
  • NO texting, iMessage, Facetime (all which come with the newest iPod version)
  • NO full internet use…
  • NO downloading things without permission
  • NO listening or playingย  inappropriate songs, videos, games

But the problem was, how do you monitor all this? How can I make sure he wasn’t still doing all of this? I took to the internet and was so happy to find I could restrict and manage literally any part of his use I wanted. Here I will show you how to do it:

  • Go to the Settings on your child’s iPod
  • Go to Restrictions
  • You will have to create a passcode that you can only use to edit your restrictions…one your child cannot get into
  • Here you will be able to turn on and off all the applications on the iPod. Facetime, Messages, camera use, internet etc.
  • Below you will be able to allow certain applications-but restrict them. For instance: You can allow specific webpages on the internet…and only those ones you allow. You can choose what rate of movie is allowed to watch (G, PG, PG-13 etc) same with music. You can even make it so they cannot talk inappropriately to Siri.
  • You can make it so they have to ask permission to buy, download ANYTHING on their device. More on that below. (requires family iCloud sharing)


iCloud Family Sharing:

This is a really cool setting you can use if one of the parents also has an apple product..iPod or iPhone. You can go on your own phone under iCloud settings and create a new iCloud account- it will even ask if it is for a child. A child’s account will go under yours but it will allow them to make their own decisions…though will ALWAYS ask your permission before anything is bought-downloaded.

  • Your child will go in the app-store and try to download a game
  • They will have to send a message to your phone asking permission to do so
  • Then they will have to wait until you approve or deny the request.
  • You will have a message sent to you which you will need a specific passcode (only you would know) to approve or deny this.
  • You can read the description of the game, video or app they are purchasing and see the rating on it to help you decide if it is appropriate or not for your child
  • As soon as you do so, it will respond back to your child’s device.

My Child’s iPod


My iPhone


My iPhone


My iPhone


I hope this helps in your decision on whether to let your child get an iPod…and know that we still have power as parents!!!!

Please share if you think this was helpful and could help another parent! Thanks!



Why You Won’t Have Anything Nice Till You’re 80

Hot damn. I have developed a much higher patience level since my little Luca was born. I’m older, wiser (hehe) and don’t have the work stressors anymore. BUT this toddler has hit toddler’hood’.ย  I was having some difficulty or inspiration on my next post. It’s been a while. But every morning I realize I have the best material for a “mom blog” post there is. Here is why you won’t have anything nice till you’re 80.

Vibrantly Living- Why You Won't Have Anything Nice Till You're 80

I really don’t think my writing anything here will help you understand what is going on in this picture. It’s very obvious. Well, obvious to a mom who once liked nice things. Like Laura Mercier makeup brushes. If you aren’t the biggest makeup lover, you will need to know, this brush costs roughly around $40-50. I know, I know. That is a ridiculous price to pay for a brush. But when you are a grown up with kids, you start asking for these things for birthday, Christmas, heck even St. Patrick’s day presents. You can’t afford to spend that amount of money on that.

on anything for yourself actually ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

SO I was upset. Upset that my adorable almost 18 month old digs through my make up drawer every time I need to get ready. He pulled looked at the brush (I’m assuming, I was getting ready) decided that he would try to use all his toddler strength, and pull out all the bristles on that nice brush.

Because it’s fun that’s why.

So that was fun. I looked down and went “NOOOOOOOOOOOO” like on of those really drawn out, cartoon sequences no’s. Then, that little bundle of joy went “NOOOOOOOOOO” back at me. And then I laughed and got over it.

RIP Laura, RIP.

Vibrantly Living- Why You Won't Have Anything Nice Till You're 80

That’s a whole lotta damage right there. OK. Here from Left to Right we have….Anastasia Beverley Hills Eye Shadow Pallet, Bobbi Brown Lip Stick, and of course a LIMITED EDITION Bare Essentials highlighter. That I might add can only be purchased on Ebay now. Why you ask? THEY DON’T MAKE IT ANYMORE. If you look closely you can see little baby fingernail markings in the highlighter. Trust me, I am still using these. I slowly open the eye shadow and I very carefully apply the lipstick. I am 28 with three kids and technically one income, you will NEVER see me throw anything away. Unless it’s something important of my husband’s that he needs the next day. Then you will find it in the garbage truck just leaving our house.

LOVE YOU honey.

Vibrantly Living- Why You Won't Have Anything Nice Till You're 80

Now this, is not because of my toddler. Can you guess who the next culprit is? Our dog. Basically this post will apply to any person/persons who have either a child or a dog in their household. Again, why you won’t have anything nice till you’re 80. When we first moved into our new house I expected some regression from our dog. That’s normal. What I didn’t expect was 3 ripped up pairs of TOM’s, 2 Dolce Vita shoes and my husband’s pair of italian leather Ferragamo’s. That one took a while to get over. And it’s your dog. So all that cuteness that makes up for it afterwards when your kids do stupid sh*t, isn’t there. All they do is run from your like you’re some psycho who is coming after them. Just me? eh. I have had my mother in law sew this pillow already. But for some reason it continues to get ripped open. God only knows what my little fur ball is doing when i’m not home to completely destroy this poor pillow. I don’t even want to know.

Vibrantly Living- Why You Won't Have Anything Nice Till You're 80

This might be my last piece of evidence for this post, but I assure you, this is not the last thing they will destroy. My couch. I don’t even know if you can technically call it that anymore. It’s like a bacteria infested, pee stained, juice drenched large piece of fabric located in the most used room in the house. My favorite part is when you explain how you need a new couch to other mom’s, or even better, people who don’t have kids but like to chime in on stuff. You start complaining how gross it is and how your kids have completely destroyed it.

“Well, my kids aren’t allowed to drink in the living room” Oh really? I actually tell my children to have a free for all in the living room on the most used furniture in the house. Trying to monitor and control three kids and friends is dumb. I agree, I could enforce this “rule” more but I actually have twenty other things I am doing. The toddler, likes to run away when I am changing his diaper. He starts crawling all over the couch with his little “peepee” touching everything. While I am still on the floor waiting for him to return to get his diaper on, he looks over at me, sticks out his belly and little manhood and pees. On the couch. Then laughs.

So I am sure you understand by now why if you have children or a dog you won’t have anything nice for a while. But why 80?

My husband and I figured this out one night as we were looking around our kid trashed house. Right now we have babies and kids who obviously ruin things. Then we will have teenagers who will be smearing pizza grease and cheetoh’s on everything. Not to mention our son ruining all my towels (ahem). Then just when you think you can breathe for a minute and go out and by yourself a new Sellens couch…


They return with THEIR kids. The cycle starts all over. So when we are 80 or so, maybe we can invest in something nice. But then we will probably die a few years later and our kids will get it and then let their kids ruin it.

Cue music…… “The circle of liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife.”


Baby Carrying & Things My Kid’s Say

It’s that time again. One week, actually 6 days. The iconic Adam Sandler chime is on repeat in my head… “Back to school, back to school…” I mean we all love our kids…but come on. 3 months of one on one??? That would drive any person crazy. This summer was a bit easier than last summer when I was trying so hard to figure out how to manage 3 kids. This summer I had that part down…it was how to control all of them! Nap time is twice a day. Which means this can be accomplished if we don’t do ANYTHING that day. Trying to get your baby on a routine when you have 2 other children is extremely difficult.

8 am: “Mom, mom, mother, mommy…what are we doing today? Where are we going?” Me: “You mean we have to go somewhere again today? Monday we were at the pool, Tuesday we were at the lake, Wednesday you played with a friend all day, Thursday we went to the park, and today? Today we are staying the eff home so your brother can take a friggn NAP!”

And that gets me… “You might as well be like a foster parent.”


Today…the baby is sleeping, the older ones are playing with friends and I am writing. It feel so good to write!! At least you listen to me, and I don’t have to repeat myself fifty times. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  —————————————————————————————————————————–

Now that I have summed up our summer I wanted to share with you guys something I have used a lot this summer and how it has been a game changer! My Ergo baby.ย  I had never used a baby carrier before with the older kids because a) they weren’t that popular back then and b) I couldn’t have been bothered trying to figure them out. When I was doing research on all the BEST baby gear to get for this new baby this was definitely something I wanted to try out. I have some disc problems in my back and I really wanted to find something that wasn’t going to aggravate it. I needed to be able to carry my baby e=places like the soccer field, zoo etc because I have other kids I needed to keep up with. I went to Sugar Babies down in Sumner- The baby experts- and tried a few on. They had the Baby K’tan which is more like a Moby wrap with a pouch in the front, and they have the Sakura Bloom Slings. I found the Ergo to be the most comfortable and easy to use. They have a wide variety of adorable patterns from anchors, to owls and my favorite the Petunia Pickle Bottom black floral.

*How can you use it? I was able to use this carrier for my newborn with the newborn insert. I watched a youtube tutorial and it was SO easy to figure out. I was able to use this when I was by myself without help from anyone. My baby instantly fell asleep whenever he was put in it. This was aย  LIFESAVER for the first few months when he wanted to be held while I was trying to make dinner and cook. Now that my baby is 15 months I find it easiest to use on my back. Again very simple to put on and get him in and out while I am by myself. We just went back to school shopping. This is a feat for any mom with 3 kids. I brought the stroller which did it’s job for an hour and then he was done. Instead of putting him at my front which I knew he would be pissed, I put him on my back and he was HAPPY.

*Is it Pricey? Yes a little. My theory is you get what you pay for. It has VERY high quality material and clasps and is extremely;y comfortable to wear. It is heavy duty! I would buy this over and over again, and If I could afford it, it would be the gift I would give at baby showers!

I do feel a little bit educated on what baby items actually work, are worth it, which ones you should splurge on and not and what brands are good. This one is one. Go try it on, test it out and see if it works best for you and your baby.


I am off to 6 days a week of soccer, ice cream socials and classroom volunteering–aka Stay at home mom life…and couldn’t be more excited ๐Ÿ™‚

But seriously though- as long as they are gone for 6 hours it will be ok ๐Ÿ˜‰