Our Wedding

Our wedding was a dream! I feel like every one says this about their wedding, and I do mean it, kind of.

When my husband and I met I had 2 kids already. So it was hi, date me and my two kids πŸ™‚ When you plan a wedding with kids it is extremely difficult. When you are preparing for your wedding day with two little ones in your room..it’s difficult. Here is an insight into our day.

I have to go back to the night before the wedding actually.

First off, I received a phone call on the way up to the rehearsal dinner. “Hi Alison, I won’t be able to make it tomorrow, I’m sick.” That would be my hair stylist for MY WEDDING DAY cancelling on me. I was freaking out. It all worked out but not without many phone calls, couple hundred dollars, and stress.

We had an amazing rehearsal dinner, full of laughing family and friends. Our wedding was in downtown Seattle so I rented a room at a hotel that was across the street from our venue. It only made sense to stay the night before as well. I rented a suite and my kids and I stayed in the room the night before the wedding. Just us, by ourselves. Kind of like a last little mommy/kid thing. My mom gave all the people staying in the hotel tea bags for the night to rest on their eyes so we would all look refreshed in the morning. I said goodnight to my mom, mother in law (who was in the next room) and the kids and I went to bed.

2 a.m. I awakened to my then 3 year old little girl puking all over the king bed. This continued every half and hour throughout the entire night. All night my poor babe was sooooo sick.

8 a.m. I forgot which motherly figure it was that knocked on my door…”Happy wedding day!!!” I opened the door half in tears, big dark circles and exhaustion written all over my face. Henley, my daughter, continued to be sick the rest of the morning into the afternoon. She was of course clingy, crying and just not happy all while I was trying to get ready. I felt horrible. and tired 😦


64468_734900002786_1160905879_nSo now we have all my bridesmaids, mother, step mom, mother in law and other family running between three rooms getting ready. My photographer is there taking pictures, my videographer was there filming. My girlfriend finalized my make up and set the false lashes just so. It was time to take pictures. We were doing a reveal type photoshoot before the wedding. My fiance and I had not seen each other yet and we had a cute plan to take pictures as he saw me for the first time.

18093_734900586616_241775756_nI forget who, again, but someone came up to me and said

“Hey Alison, um, we didn’t want to bother you earlier or worry you so we tried to handle it on our own. But, Liam has been missing for about 45 minutes and we can’t find him”

Any mom reading this knows THAT feeling you would get. I don’t even need to describe it.

Mind you, we are in a hotel in DOWNTOWN Seattle. Hundreds of rooms, located right on a busy street. They immediately put the hotel on lock down. We had the police called and every single person wedding related was searching every floor, every room to find my 6 year old little boy. I was frantically running down the hallway in my wedding dress hyperventilating and thinking I would never see my son again. I had it in my head he was gone. He was kidnapped. We were all so busy getting ready and doing our own thing he had wondered off. I remember crying like I had never cried before and passing the elevator when the doors opened and it was my fiance. There was our “first look” it was absolutely horrifying.

We ended up finding our son on a completely different floor in the hotel room with an out of state younger cousin. They were playing video games. I hadn’t even known this relative was in town yet. I started running down the hall towards him, screaming and crying. He honestly had no idea what was going on but once he saw me like that he just burst into tears. We hugged. Everyone was sighing and crying with relief.

The videographer and photographer obviously turned off their cameras for this point in the day, thankfully.

So back to the bathroom to re-do my make up, and I told my fiance we would have to try and get another “first look” my photographer had a couple cool ideas. We sent our videographer downstairs with my fiance and my photogrpaher and I were going to stand there at the elevator waiting for them to come up and then when the doors were opening take pictures…yadayada. Well it did NOT go as planned of course. We waited and waited. Made a few phone calls. Got all confused. So we went downstairs because we couldn’t get a hold of them. So we got on the elevator, it stopped on an odd floor and when the doors opened it was my fiance. We laughed hysterically and caught THIS on camera. It worked πŸ™‚

480505_734899558676_1774765551_nWe drove to the Paramount Theater to take pictures. We had called ahead of time and they told us we couldn’t take photos there because Wicked was in town and it was a copywright issue. Well we took some photos outside the theater…and then tried the door. It was open. The theater was dark, no lights on..so we snuck in. Thank goodness we did. Oh my gosh my favorite pictures ever. The natural light from the windows, and those stairs were enough to create the perfect photo opportunity. We were literally whispering as we were taking photo directions and running from people. It was awesome.

539314_734901220346_680064507_n 35518_734901270246_511503222_n 574462_734901240306_459750808_nThen….we tried to sneak into the actual Theater room. It’s stunning if you haven’t been there. Oh my gosh, just beautiful. There were people working on the set so we again, snuck in there quietly and tried not to be seen

307451_734901300186_978394385_n72969_734901609566_1368255102_nSuch a cool experience. So then basically, the rest of the wedding went off without a single hitch. No one knew of my horrible night previous, nor the drama that morning. All they saw was a gorgeous, fun wedding. Here are some other highlights from the wedding…

226958_736136370096_39020332_n 644254_734922372956_1372116989_n 535535_734925915856_1755891858_n 379352_734909299156_1253162125_n 574608_734905137496_1807458837_n 267875_734909418916_2106888150_n 26323_734913021696_2032198439_n 563512_734905277216_2114916029_n 16394_734905881006_232574213_n 188242_734913161416_1433232859_n 69683_734905756256_566215432_n 563281_734920337036_895121725_nBeing a bride didn’t stop me from being a mom all night πŸ™‚


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