How To: Restrict Your Child’s iPod Touch/iPhone

The big debate happened this year on my son’s 9th birthday. Though I am against giving a child a cell phone until they can drive, I didn’t know what my stance was on the iPod Touch. This of course was all he could talk about and all he wanted for his birthday. My husband and I went back and forth whether we were ready for him to have this kind of responsibility.  I knew he would have access to the internet, YouTube, texting, games, videos, songs…all of which I couldn’t possibly monitor. Wrong. I managed to figure out how to completely crack down on the apple product and make it work for me, the parent.

Now, we did have a discussion about what was going to be allowed with this new investment prior to purchasing. We let him use his birthday money to buy it…but we pre-warned him about all the things he was not going to be able to do. We had decided

  • NO YouTube. There is FAR too much on there for a 9 year old to see. Even if it’s on accident.
  • NO texting, iMessage, Facetime (all which come with the newest iPod version)
  • NO full internet use…
  • NO downloading things without permission
  • NO listening or playing  inappropriate songs, videos, games

But the problem was, how do you monitor all this? How can I make sure he wasn’t still doing all of this? I took to the internet and was so happy to find I could restrict and manage literally any part of his use I wanted. Here I will show you how to do it:

  • Go to the Settings on your child’s iPod
  • Go to Restrictions
  • You will have to create a passcode that you can only use to edit your restrictions…one your child cannot get into
  • Here you will be able to turn on and off all the applications on the iPod. Facetime, Messages, camera use, internet etc.
  • Below you will be able to allow certain applications-but restrict them. For instance: You can allow specific webpages on the internet…and only those ones you allow. You can choose what rate of movie is allowed to watch (G, PG, PG-13 etc) same with music. You can even make it so they cannot talk inappropriately to Siri.
  • You can make it so they have to ask permission to buy, download ANYTHING on their device. More on that below. (requires family iCloud sharing)


iCloud Family Sharing:

This is a really cool setting you can use if one of the parents also has an apple product..iPod or iPhone. You can go on your own phone under iCloud settings and create a new iCloud account- it will even ask if it is for a child. A child’s account will go under yours but it will allow them to make their own decisions…though will ALWAYS ask your permission before anything is bought-downloaded.

  • Your child will go in the app-store and try to download a game
  • They will have to send a message to your phone asking permission to do so
  • Then they will have to wait until you approve or deny the request.
  • You will have a message sent to you which you will need a specific passcode (only you would know) to approve or deny this.
  • You can read the description of the game, video or app they are purchasing and see the rating on it to help you decide if it is appropriate or not for your child
  • As soon as you do so, it will respond back to your child’s device.

My Child’s iPod


My iPhone


My iPhone


My iPhone


I hope this helps in your decision on whether to let your child get an iPod…and know that we still have power as parents!!!!

Please share if you think this was helpful and could help another parent! Thanks!